Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 102

You’re growing up, Grimm!

CH102: You’re growing up, Grimm!

“Hey, Grimu!”

“Oh, you’re here, Demon Lord!”

When I showed up at the huge workshop, Grim, the resident craftsman, was waiting for me with his arms crossed.

His tiny body and big attitude make me smile. I can’t help reaching for his head.

“What the heck? Demon Lord?

“She’s as pretty as ever. And you’re so skilled too, our craftsmen are the best, huh?”

“Well, even if you praise me that much, I can only give you the best equipment!”

Grim smiling in spite of his shame.

She mumbled “I’ve been stroked!” she muttered, and an item window appeared in front of her.

“Well… I made sure to finish the equipment while the Demon Lord was here! Of course I’ve taken your request into consideration.

Oh, I’m sorry, Grimm. I know it was a little last minute, but…

Yeah. Right after I got the message from her that… Right after I got the message from her.

I had one request about the look of the equipment.

What’s wrong with you? Suddenly you’re asking me to put in “to suddenly put in a Japanese-style element.”

Yeah. I was having dinner with Kirika’s guy.

“Kirika… What? Are you talking about the assassin player… The assassin player? We just killed each other the other day, so why are we having dinner together?

Just calm down.

I told the surprised Grimm about Kirika’s situation.

The place she should return to… [Sengoku Rikudou Online.] . . That its end has been decided .

“… Hmm. So you’re saying that the Demon Lord took pity on Kirika, who lost her place, and decided to wear similar clothes?”

I’m not the kind of guy who’d be happy about that. I’m just trying to make him die a happy death!

Yes. That shura from hell doesn’t deserve our sympathy.

If you care about her, you’ll give her the best battle of her life.

You know what, Grimm? He’s been fighting in a warring world gone to hell. He’s a pariah who’s been slaughtering samurai and warriors like Zansword.

If that’s the case, his fighting spirit will be at its peak when he’s facing an opponent dressed in kimono…?”

“Haha…! You mean to send salt to the enemy! Alright, please use my equipment to give her the best fight and death!”

Grim laughs as he manipulates the window. A new set of equipment is poured into your item box.

I don’t hesitate to tap those equipment icons.

And then my body was enveloped in a blinding light..,

“…Wow, this new design is really cool!”

The moment the light burst, I was completely transformed.

The upper half of the body is almost a Japanese gothic dress, mainly dyed in black. The upper half of the body is almost a kimono, mainly dyed in black, but the sides, shoulders, and the side of the chest are completely cut out, and only the sleeves hang down from the second arm by a mysterious technique.

And below the tightly fastened sash is a long dress with a slit that completely reveals one thigh.

A fusion of Western and Japanese. Erotic, cool, decadent, dignified, revealing a lot of skin, yet full of class… It’s the best design ever… Oh!

“You’re too good, Grimm…! You’ve evolved from a pornographic equipment genius to an even greater genius… You’ve evolved from a genius with pornographic equipment to an even greater genius…!”

“Kookkook… Sil and the Demon Lord asked me to refrain from eroticism because it’s too embarrassing. I’m too shy to be erotic. The Demon Lord in particular didn’t seem to like female-oriented equipment, so I tried to make a cool female-oriented pornographic equipment that everyone would be proud of. I’ve tried to make it cool and a pornographic piece of equipment for women that I can be proud of!”

“Damn! The fact that you’re not going to stop making pornographic equipment or making manly equipment, but instead find new ground with Only My Way, that’s nice, Grim! You’re the exclusive craftsman of the Guild of Yuri! You’re the exclusive craftsman of [Guild of Yuri]!”

“Hoo hahaha~! More praise~!”

You’re a Grimm and you’re in the middle of a battle.

By the way, I saw in the mirror by the workshop that his hairstyle had also changed.

The sideburns that used to be sticking out like that are now gone.

Instead, there is a red hair ornament with pearls at the end of the bangs.

“Oh, you used the gem as a hair ornament. Nice touch, Grimm!”

“Pearl of the Heavenly Demon. It’s called [Pearl of the Heavenly Demon]. It’s one of the most beautiful things the Mad King gave me. Where did you get it? I might want one too!

“There was a frustrated old man named Tengu Hermit. If you satisfy him and make him like you, he’ll pull you out of his hole!”

“Bwaaah! I don’t want it after all!”

I don’t know why I don’t want to be a Grimm.

I cocked my head at his mysterious reaction.


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