Because I’ve Been Reincarnated As A Girl I Just Want To Do Yuri Things, But Things Aren’t Going Well – Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Investigation!

When I got back to Carruthers’ house, I sat down at my desk and let out a sigh. After what happened… I wondered what Louisa would say to me, but nothing happened.

Because Helmut interrupted me to tell me that he had arrived home…

And then, well, it’s a bit odd to say, but it didn’t feel like that, and they decided to drop me off and then take Louisa home, and Helmut and Katharina drove Louisa home in the carriage.

I wonder what Katharine and Louisa are talking about in the carriage now. And I’ll never forget the look on Katherina’s face when Helmut told her he’d arrived home.

Until now I thought Helmut and Katherina were close siblings. But when I remember the way Katherina looked at Helmut today I can’t help but wonder if they really were brother and sister. It was like looking at a piece of trash.

No, let’s not. Let’s not get too close to this. And Helmut was looking at my sister like that… and he didn’t back down at all… and he was desperate to get rid of me. I don’t know what happened to them. No, don’t think about it… Forget it. I didn’t see anything.

Anyway, Louisa and I have made our peace and we can talk to each other normally now. We’ve only met twice, so it’s not like we’re suddenly back together again. We’ll have to make up the difference as we go along.


And then there’s a knock at the door. It’s probably Isabella because I told her to come.

Miss Flora, I’ve heard you wanted to see me.

Come in. I need to talk to you.

Excuse me.

Isabella walked in in response to my words, and I called out to her as she stood across from me.

I need you to look into something for me. Oliver and his troop are just there, so can we postpone our return to Khan’s territory and see what you can find out?”

The troops of Oliver and the others who delivered the package while escorting the Transportation Corps were originally scheduled to return to Khan’s territory right after this, but there are a few things I need you to look into. It’s a good thing we had a skilled man on hand, since we may need both manpower and an escort.

Yes, sir. So what’s this all about?

“Find out a little bit about the Dukes of Bayen. And the Marquises Arnhardt and Valtek, and…”

I’m gonna ask Isabella to look into the house of the five guys who are picking on me, and some of the people I’m interested in.

“Any little detail will do. Anything about your recent plumage, your close family ties, anything.”

Yes, sir.

Isabella will find out what’s going on. I’ve told her she can use Helmut and Oliver. Isabella may be able to use her contacts in Victoria. If we can use the Kreuk Chamber of Commerce’s network, we’ll learn a great deal.

It’s only the first day of school and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me…


I came to the school today at about the same time as yesterday, and sure enough, no one had arrived. And the next group to arrive after me was a group of five who arrived a little earlier than the others.

Hey! Why are you already here?

Good day to you.

Nothing’s fucking possible. They were going to do something stupid before I got here, weren’t they? They wouldn’t have harassed me in such a blatant way in the first place if they’d just given up. They’ve been harassing me so hard they’ve threatened a full-scale clash with the Caruthers.

If you’re that determined, you wouldn’t have given up just because Helene gave you a little warning yesterday. If you were that determined, you wouldn’t have come to me so clearly in the first place.

I’m sure you were thinking of doing something to my desk again today, but unfortunately I’m already sitting there, so you’re not going to do anything. I’m not going to get away with it if you just throw something at me directly. I’m sure they’ve made it clear yesterday that I’m not the kind of guy who easily cries and apologizes, and if they go that far they’ll look completely bad if they get found out. I’m sure they’re thinking about that.

And we can’t just tamper with our desks like we did yesterday and say I did it. Because if I refuse to do it again and it ends the same way as yesterday, we’ll have to wipe up our own mess ourselves. If I can make sure that I can wipe them up, then they won’t care how dirty they are, but if the ruling is the same as yesterday, then we’ll have to wipe them up by ourselves.

I’m relieved to see that the morning’s harassment has ended in failure, and the crowd is slowly starting to grow. The class is still pretty simple, but you can’t be too careful. The education in this world seems to be quite advanced, so you might find yourself left behind in the class before you know it. Study hard so that you don’t get left behind.


There were no five guys harassing me. They probably thought they’d do something in the morning, but I was there and they failed, so nothing happened after that. You don’t just come up with harassment like that without preparation. He looked pretty frustrated, so maybe he’ll come up with something else tomorrow…

They don’t leave their stuff at their desks, and unlike Japan, they don’t have shoes, so they don’t have shoe boxes. If they wanted to harass me they would have tried to do something to my desk, but they failed because I was here first yesterday and today. I’m not stupid enough to try the same thing tomorrow. Either he’ll be here earlier tomorrow or he’ll think of something else to harass me with.

I’m not leaving any sooner than I have to. If the Five Guys are ahead of me tomorrow and they’re harassing me at my desk, I’m gonna have to give them credit. I’ll say thanks for coming all this way so early to harass me.

Helmut, before you leave, stop by the Duke of Creff’s house.

What about? Did you have an appointment? I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware of any such appointment.

A nobleman wouldn’t just barge into someone’s house without making an appointment. Well, it’s common sense to make an appointment not only in this world but in modern society as well, but in this medieval level world, if you don’t make an appointment you’ll just end up striking out.

Not only is it rude to the person you’re meeting, but you can’t meet them if you don’t know where they are or when they’re going to be there. Therefore, it is common sense to make an appointment in advance and then go to the appointed time and date.

No, I have no appointment. I just wanted to speak with His Highness Dietrich for a moment and arrange a meeting.”

I’d normally write a letter and send a messenger to make an appointment. But I go to school and I’m out and about… so if I make a little detour on my way home… So I’ll just drop by on my way home and make an appointment.

“Yes? His Highness Dietrich? Not Prince Lutger?

“Yes? Why would I be of use to His Highness Lutgar?”

I don’t understand what Helmut’s question means. I’ve had important discussions with Dietrich in the past, but never with Lutger. I’d like to be able to talk to Lutger in person, but it’s not worth making an appointment to see him.

No, no… Yes, sir.

“…? So please?”

I think Helmut was grinning a little when I told him I had no use for Rutger, but I didn’t go into it and got into the carriage. The carriage rumbled on its way to the Duke of Creff’s house.


After a few moments of rocking, I saw a familiar house. I’ve been to the Duke of Creff several times. I don’t like to get involved with them, but I have to deal with Dietrich, the Prime Minister of this country, for business reasons.

“Lady Flora, shall I go with you?”

We’ve come this far. I’ll go.

Helmut told me from the coachman’s seat that he would go himself. I get out of the carriage and am met by the Duke of Creff’s steward, who knows me.

“My Lady Flora, how are you today? His Highness Lutgar has not yet returned.

Why does everybody always think I want Lutgar? I don’t have any use for Lutger.

“I would like to see His Highness Dietrich. Can you tell me when he is free?”

“Well… In that case…”

Wait. My hand is free right now. Princess Flora, welcome. Please come in.

The butler was just about to confirm the appointment when Dietrich arrived. The timing of his appearance suggests that he was listening in behind the door. And when I said I wanted to see Dietrich, he just came out.

“Forgive my unexpected visit. I did not expect His Highness Dietrich himself. If you let me know a convenient day, I will come again.”

“No, no, no, it’s okay. Like I said, I’m just bored right now. Come on in.”

This guy… He’s trying so hard to get me to come home today even though I’m adamant about it… How can the Prime Minister be free this early in the evening? I wouldn’t be having such a hard time…

But it would be rude to refuse any more. It would save me the trouble of visiting again at a later date, that’s for sure. I thank Dietrich for his thoughtfulness and enter the Duke’s residence.

“So what in the world do you want from me, coming all the way here after school?”

I’m shown into the living room, not the drawing room, and Dietrich sits down opposite me and asks me… Wait a minute. Why am I in the Duke Creff’s living room? You’re supposed to be in a parlor or an office. You don’t get ushered into the living room unless you’re related or very close.

“Yes… I’ve come to ask Dietrich about the relationship between Herr Helene of Bayen and Her Highness Prince Ludwig.

“Ah… Oh… I see… I see… (I’m sorry son! I’m afraid my father can’t act as an intermediary between you and the princess…) .”

I looked curiously at Dietrich, who had clearly lost all tension at once, and he coughed once and then began to speak.

“Ah~… “Oh… Don’t worry about Miss Helene, Princess Flora.”

No, I care. It’s probably pretty important.

“Then please tell me why I shouldn’t care.”

Dietrich is a good chancellor… and he won’t simply tell us what we want to know. Then we must attack him from another angle.

“Well… Princess Flora may be curious about the relationship between Her Highness Ludwig and Miss Helene, but… Miss Helene was the first of the candidates for Herr Ludwig’s hand in marriage. But Prince Ludwig refused the engagement after one visit to the Bayen family. And as you know, every other prospective bride she’s had since then, she’s had to visit their homes before she’s allowed to marry them. Until I met Princess Flora.”

Well… First of all… I see… How old were you?

I’m a reincarnated person and I had memories of my previous life… so I had what’s called an ego from the time I was born. How long does it take for a normal child to develop something that can be called an ego?

Ludwig and I got engaged when I was eight. Ludwig and his friends are one year older than me. Do you think they’d have any sense or wits when they’re five or six?

What if… If Ludwig and Helene had intended to marry each other when they first met… And if they had known that some factor would always stand in their way…?

Ludwig’s been pretty smart for a boy ever since he met me. If he wanted to marry Helene, but he knew he’d always be in the way, he’d probably find some other way to avoid a temporary engagement with her. Maybe he’d try again and again to arrange an engagement with another house, and then refuse.

And since I was the right person for them to hook up with, you’re using me to get them married?

I can’t say for sure. But can a normal child, not a reincarnated one, think that far ahead when he’s less than ten years old? Or is there someone else who’s been telling him what to do?

No… No matter how much I think about it, it’s all in my imagination. In the absence of proof, it’s all imagination, or maybe even fantasy. Dietrich probably won’t have anything useful to say. I’m afraid you’ll have to do it yourself.

As I was thinking about this, I heard footsteps coming down the hallway at a fast pace, almost like a sprint. Then the door to the living room is roughly opened.

“Is it true that a country girl is here!”

The door was opened wide open and in burst Lutger, a troublesome opponent as expected.


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