About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess-Sama, But Because Of Being Too Spoiled, She Ended Up Becoming A Clumsy Useless Person – Chapter 83

The three of us should sleep together and keep watch

Chapter 83: the three of us should sleep together and keep watch

We told Watakai not to tell anyone and got Rei to put on some clothes.

Rei-san still didn’t seem to be happy about it, but it couldn’t be helped.

I have a proposal.

Kotone says in a clear voice.

I looked back at Kotone and everyone else.

“Mr. Watakai just happened to pass by today while I was working and noticed it. But it might happen again in the future. Not only you, but Sasaki-san and maybe I might sneak into your room too.”


“Let’s not play games… But everyone won’t protect you. So how about we take turns watching our seniors?”

You’re watching me? On me?

“Yes. The senior and two girls take turns sleeping in the same room. For example, you, your sister, and I. Or you, Ms. Sasaki, and Ms. Ame. Or you, Sasaki, and Ame. If we stay in the same room like this, she won’t be able to touch you.”

Two girls and me sleeping in the same room?

I thought they were joking, but the other three nodded their heads and said it was a good idea.

“I think it’s a good idea. And I’ll get to spend more time with you.”

Kaho’s words seemed to represent the general consensus of the room.

You don’t care what I think.

I thought I’d have some space to myself, unlike my apartment!

The four of us talked it over and chose Kaho and Kotone as the members to sleep with me today.

Rei is punished for her omission(?). Rei is put on the back burner. Ame smiled and said she’d give it to the other two.

Kaho and Kotone approached me and grabbed my arms from both sides.

I felt them hugging my arms, and their breasts were against my arms.

Kaho’s breasts were big and Kotone’s were small but soft.

“I’m glad you’re sleeping with Haruto!”

“I’m looking forward to working with you, senpai.”

I was in a cold sweat as I was sandwiched between the two beautiful girls.


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