About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess-Sama, But Because Of Being Too Spoiled, She Ended Up Becoming A Clumsy Useless Person – Chapter 71

The subject of the bet is…

Chapter 71: the subject of the bet is…

“When I was a freshman in high school, I was often depressed, wasn’t I?”

I nodded at Ame-no-sama’s question.

It was no wonder that Ame’s sister wasn’t in good health at that time. Her parents had died in the fire.

My mom was in that fire, too.

“I’m sure it must have been hard for you too, Haruhito, but you always comforted me.”

I don’t remember doing anything that big.

I felt a little embarrassed and whispered.

“It was important to me. You’ve always helped me. So now it’s my turn to help you.

“You’ve been really helpful with Kaho.”

Thanks to Ame, the misunderstanding that Natsuho and I are brother and sister has been resolved.

Ame-no-sama nodded lightly.

“Now it’s Suqin’s turn. She can’t stay in this house forever.”


The problem now was that Toomi Soichiro was in danger of being killed, and that might even harm Rei.

Until that’s resolved, we can’t leave this high-security compound.

Ame-no-sama giggles as she sees me nodding and looks down at her book again. I need to rest too.

I slowly closed my eyes.


It seemed like a long time.

When I woke up, it was already dark outside the window, and my sister Ame was dozing next to me.

He was supposed to be watching me, but before he knew it, he fell asleep himself.

Smiling, I put a blanket on Ameon-sama and quietly left the room.

I’m thirsty.

There’s a dining room in the house we’re staying in.

I wandered into the dining room and found Rei and Kaho at the table.

Both of them are staring at something on the table with serious faces.

When they noticed me, they looked up in a hurry.

“Haruto… Are you feeling better already?”

Kaho said worriedly, and I said, “I’m fine.” I smiled.

“I’m so sorry…”

Rei whispered.

Rei and Kaho were naked and stuck to me in the bathroom, and that’s when I collapsed.

“Don’t apologize so much.”


Rei’s eyes were downcast.

On the other hand, as soon as she saw that I was feeling better, Kaho turned her usual teasing expression on her face.

“Haruto was happy to have a naked relationship with two pretty girls, wasn’t he?”


“It made you happy, didn’t it?”


I say it softly on purpose.

I can’t say it was a very good experience here.

But Kaho mumbled with a stern look, “Hmmm…” Kaho mumbled with a stern look…

“I was embarrassed to get naked in front of you, Haruhito. And I did such and such a thing for you, but if you say it’s nothing, I’m a little shocked.”

I panicked.

“No… Well, it’s not like that, Kaho’s breasts were soft and comfortable, or something…”

“I knew it felt good!”

Kaho smiled while blushing.

I feel trapped.

“I’ll do it again!”

“No, thank you…”

I whisper and Kaho giggles.

Suddenly Rei-san pulled my sleeve.



Don’t you have anything to say to me?

He stared at me with blue eyes, and I got nervous.

The way things are going right now, all I got to say is one thing.

“Well… I’m glad you and Rei-san took a bath together.”

Rei’s face lights up.

“I’ll do it again, too!”

In other words, both Rei and Natsuho were planning to sneak into the bathroom when I was taking a bath.

I’ll have to raise my guard to the max every time I enter the main bath of this house.

I looked down at the table.

There was a chess game on the table for some reason.

Rei and Kaho were playing a game of chess.

“You two are surprisingly close.”

When I said this, Rei and Kaho blushed a little and turned their heads away from each other.

It’s not like I’m playing with Sasaki-san.

Then why play chess?

“I’m making a bet.”

Kaho says.

I wonder if they’re betting money.

I don’t think that’s a good idea.

But Kaho shook her head.

“Whoever wins between me and Suikoto-san wins the right to go on a one-day date with Haruto.”

I thought they were joking, but both Rei and Natsuho had serious expressions on their faces.

“Who are you rooting for, Haruhito?”

“Oh, me?”

“Yeah, yeah. Which one do you want to date, Haruto?”

“If I hear that, doesn’t it kind of defeat the purpose of playing chess for the right to date?”

They looked at each other when I asked, and they nodded. They nodded.

I thought that Rei and Kaho might get along with each other unexpectedly, even though they have completely different personalities, and it made me smile.

Why are you smiling?

When Rei asked me why I did it, I said, “No reason.” I replied and brought a chair and sat down.

To watch them play chess, of course.


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