About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess-Sama, But Because Of Being Too Spoiled, She Ended Up Becoming A Clumsy Useless Person – Chapter 57

No Running Away!

Chapter 57: No Running Away!

Rei and I stayed under the covers for a while, checking each other’s warmth.

I had been wide-eyed just a little while ago, but when Rei hugged me, I naturally calmed down and fell asleep.

But we can’t keep going like this.

I’ll have to ask Rei to go back to her room.

What will Kaho and the others say about me: ….

I opened my mouth, but all the words I was going to say didn’t make it out.

A powerful drowsiness overtook me, stealing my consciousness.

Somehow, I managed to say, “Good night. Rei-san…” I mumbled and my words trailed off.

Rei giggled and whispered, “Good night, Haruhi-kun.” She whispered.


Someone’s looking down at me.

I don’t think it’s Rei.

And not one, but two.


A very disgruntled, but beautiful tone in his voice woke me up.

I look up to see Kaho staring at me, her cheeks puffed out.

Next to her, Ame-no-sama was looking at me with some amusement.

He tries to get up, but he can’t.

Rei-san was nuzzling her cheek against my chest, hugging me tightly…


Rei mumbled in her sleep with a happy face, then rubbed her soft cheek against mine.

Rei-san hasn’t woken up at all in this situation.

Seeing this, Kaho looks more and more unhappy.

“Liar! You’re breaking the agreement! And you’re not allowed to run!”

And when she saw me hugging him and the two of them looking at us, she blushed.

I’m sorry.

“Did you… You did?”

I didn’t do anything!

Rei-san’s cheeks flushed more and more, “Right?” She asked me to agree with her.

I nodded my head.

Most of the time I’m fast asleep.

I’m sure Rei is the same way… and I don’t think she’s doing anything while I’m sleeping.

When I asked Rei about it, she nodded her head confidently.

“I didn’t bite your earlobe, stroke your breastplate, or kiss your cheeks when you were sleeping, Haruhi-kun!”

You would have done it, wouldn’t you?

When Kaho pressed Rei, Rei mumbled and reluctantly admitted it.

Kaho looked up at the ceiling, then looked back at me and pointed her finger at me sharply.

I was looking at her with black and white eyes, Kaho poked my forehead with her finger.

The gesture was cute, but I didn’t say it was cute because I knew it would only fuel my anger.

“You promised that only Ame-san would sleep in the same room with us.”

Rei and I stood shoulder to shoulder, shrinking back, “I’m sorry.” I whispered.

“I won’t get angry at you for breaking your promise, but in exchange, I’m sleeping on the futon with Haruto tonight!”


“Okay? It’s not fair if I don’t. Is that okay with you, too, Ame?”

I don’t mind.

Ameon-sister’s eyes were shining happily.


He’s totally amused.

It’s a rule.

When she finished, Kaho chuckled.

“Be prepared, Haruto.”

What am I supposed to be prepared for?

Before I could ask her again, Kaho disappeared into the bathroom.

I looked at Rei.

Rei chuckled, “I’ve upset you, Sasaki-san.” She giggled.

“I’m worried about Haruto-kun and Sasaki-san sleeping together, but…”

Don’t worry. I’ll keep an eye on you.

Rain sound sister interrupts.

I was actually up last night.

“What, is that…?”

“So you watched Haruhito-kun and Rei-san making out all the time…”

Rei-san’s blue eyes were rolling around in confusion from embarrassment and shock.

I could feel myself blushing.

It’s quite embarrassing that my cousin saw us hugging and kissing.

It’s inconvenient for us not to be alone.

I still have to tell Rei something, but since it looks like we won’t be alone for a while, I have no choice but to speak up in front of Ame-no-sama.

“Rei-san, do you remember our promise the other day?”

The other day?

“Let’s go to the aquarium.”

Rei-san murmured, “Ah…” and smiled beautifully.

We were supposed to be a fake couple on a date at the aquarium.

I tried to go there the other day after school but I couldn’t because Rei’s sister Kotone showed up.

“We don’t have to pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore, but we promised we’d go. Do you want to go today?”

Rei’s blue eyes lit up and she looked me up and down.

“Thanks. I’m so glad that Haruhi-kun asked me out on a date!”


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