About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess-Sama, But Because Of Being Too Spoiled, She Ended Up Becoming A Clumsy Useless Person – Chapter 19

The Wrath of the Goddess

Kaho hurt me.

So please leave Kaho out of our house.

Suqin said so.

But it’s not all Kaho’s fault.

I’m the one who confessed my feelings to Kaho and couldn’t give up even though she rejected me.

Kaho backed away as if she was afraid of Suikin-san.

This is Suqin’s house? That’s a lie.

I’m Akibara’s cousin. That’s why I’m going to live in this house.

“Does Haruhito approve of that?”

Kaho asked me and Suikoto looked at me a little uneasily.

I nod.

“That’s right. Mr. Shuqin lives here.”

At that moment, Suikin-san’s blue eyes widened and her cheeks relaxed happily.

Kaho, on the other hand, was aghast.

I didn’t know that. Why didn’t Haruto tell me?”

Suqin says.

“I think that’s because you don’t need to know.”

“But I’m Haruto’s childhood friend, he’s like family to me…”

“Mr. Sasaki, you’re not a member of Mr. Akibara’s family, are you? I’m related to Akibara-kun a little, but you’re not… How can you say without hesitation that we’ve known each other since childhood, or that we’re family, when you hurt Akibara-kun?”

Suqin-san asked Kaho a little angrily.

I’ve never seen Suqin get angry like this.

And maybe she’s mad at me.

Sasaki-san is a coward.

Suqin-san said in a small voice.

Kaho shakes her head sadly.

“No, it’s not. It’s not my fault… It’s your fault for falling for me. If you hadn’t done that, we could’ve stayed close as childhood friends. And yet…”

Kaho hugged herself with both hands and mumbled with a downcast look on her face.

I never meant to hurt you. After he confessed his feelings for me, I tried to avoid him. But you liked me and I wanted to be friends with you. Besides, we’ve always been friends. I can’t avoid you.”

“If you feel that way, why don’t you just accept Akibara-kun? If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t reject Akibara-kun.”

Suqin said quietly.

“But the one Haruto likes isn’t Suikoto-san, it’s me. Isn’t that right?”

Kaho said and looked me up and down.


I like Kaho.

I thought she was sweet and kind and pretty and understood me better than anyone.


“To Kaho, my confession and my favoritism were just a nuisance, right?”

I didn’t… I didn’t say that.

“I wish I could have been your best childhood friend forever. But I think that might not be possible. I’m sure that one day you’ll find someone more important than me and you won’t care about your childhood friend.”

Kaho looked at me and Suikoto-san alternately and then said in a dark voice.

“I see… You might find someone else like that too.

Yeah, I know.

I like Kaho now, but…

But maybe someday that’ll change.

I said…

“Go home today, Kaho.”

Hearing my words, Kaho’s eyes widened and she looked like she was going to cry.

Kaho must’ve thought she was rejected.

I don’t intend to do that… but if you stay here… it’ll only make me and Natsuho suffer more.

Kaho staggered back two or three steps and then bumped into the wall.

“I’m sorry… I’m leaving.

After saying that, Kaho went back to the front door as if to run away.

When Kaho put on her shoes, I could see her beautiful white thighs through the hem of her sailor-suit skirt.

Kaho’s right.

I do see Kaho as a sexual object, so I’m moved by her every little movement.

Kaho looked back at us.

“Suqin-san, take care of yourself.”

After saying that, Kaho disappeared out the front door.

I figured you didn’t give me the key back after all.

It was just me and Suikoto.

After a few moments of silence, Suikin-san sneezed again.

When I looked at Mizukoto-san, her face turned red.

Suikin-san still only wore wet underwear on her upper body.

I look away.

“Sorry. You need to get dressed.”



“I told Sasaki-san, didn’t I? I told Akibara-kun to get me a change of underwear and wipe me with it.”

“Yes, you did say that, but…”

“Can I really ask you for a favor?”

Suqin-san looked at me shyly with her beautiful blue eyes.


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