About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess-Sama, But Because Of Being Too Spoiled, She Ended Up Becoming A Clumsy Useless Person – Chapter 18

Childhood Friend vs. Goddess

The unmasked Suikoto-san was hiding in the closet, and Kaho opened the closet door..

It’s over.

I looked up.

But the next moment, Kaho let out a joyful cry.

“I knew I owed you a book! You have to put them on the bookshelf, don’t you?”

Kaho was smiling with a couple of paperbacks in her hands.

I’m not sure I’d be too happy to see you like that.

What’s going on?

I wonder where Suikin-san went.

I was looking in the closet and I realized…

There’s a blanket in the closet and Suikin-san is hiding under it.

The closet is dimly lit, and if Kaho doesn’t pay attention to it, she’ll think it’s a blanketed package and not pay any attention to it.

I’m relieved.

Thanks to Suqin’s resourcefulness.

“Sorry. I’ll give you the book back.”

I smiled and told Kaho.


Suqin sneezed cutely and coughed in succession.

Unlike before through the closet door, this time the sound was clearly audible.

Kaho looked surprised.

I just heard a girl’s voice.

It’s just my imagination.

“I could definitely hear you in the closet. Maybe it was under that blanket…”

Kaho finally noticed the unnaturally shaped blanket.

I got in between the closet and Kaho and said.

It’s really nothing. I’ve returned the books, so please don’t look in them again. There’s a lot of stuff in high school boys’ closets that they don’t want you to see.”

I mean, there’s a girl there.

He’s not here.

Are you lying to me?

I’m not lying.

“You’re doing the wrong thing, Sunny, hiding things from me.”

There’s nothing wrong with it.

So can you tell me who’s in there?

I didn’t say anything back, so I shut up.

Kaho has already noticed that there’s a girl in the closet.

But if we don’t let Kaho through, we can at least hide the fact that it’s her classmate Suikoto-san who’s inside.

But Kaho quickly walked past me.

Oh, shit.

I tried to stop Kaho, but I couldn’t.

Kaho took the blanket away.

Of course, Suikin-san was there.

She’s a trembling girl wearing nothing but a bra on top.

Suikoto looked at me with a frightened expression.

But there’s nothing I can do for you now.

Kaho says.

“Rei Suikoto, right? She’s my classmate’s goddess.

I am not a goddess.

Suqin-san said in a fading voice.

Kaho asks her words over and over again.

“Why are you only wearing underwear?”


“You were going to have sex with Haruto?”

Xiaohao says in a chilly voice.

Predictably misunderstood.

I looked up.

Before I could make any excuses, Kaho turned to me.

“What do you want to do when you don’t have time off from school?”

No, I’m not.

“I knew it, Haruto, you wanted to do something naughty like this.”

That’s not what I meant.

Not me. Anyone as long as they’re pretty. Suikin-san, you’re pretty, aren’t you? She has big breasts.”

“No, check on Suqin-san. Suqin-san, she’s running a high fever.”

Kaho makes a shocked face at my words.

Then, Kaho put her hand on Suqin’s forehead.

Suqin wriggles ticklishly.

“A terrible fever…”

Kaho mumbled, then stopped to look at Suikoto’s soaking wet chest and gasped for breath.

Suqin-san is breathing heavily.

“Haruto! Why are you leaving Suikoto-san here! You need to wipe her off and put some clothes on her!”

“I thought if Kaho saw it, she’d misunderstand, so I had her hide.”

When I told the truth, Kaho glared at me tightly.

“Is that more important than Suqin-san’s condition?”


You’re right, I’m out of my mind.

Even though you’ve heard her opinion, she’s a sick person suffering from a high fever.

In fact, Suikin-san spent her time in a cold closet in her wet underwear, and now she is in great pain.

Kaho murmured.

“Poor Suqin.”

“I’m… I don’t feel sorry for you.

Suikin-san answered Kaho’s words in a broken voice .

And then she looked at me and Kaho with her bright eyes.

“Mr. Sasaki… Don’t blame Akibara-kun… Don’t blame me. I’m the one to blame. Akibara-kun was very kind to me. He even took time off school to take care of me.

“So… What the hell.”

“I live in this house.”

Kaho opened her eyes wide.

“Akibara-kun… He saved me from being attacked. He cooked for me and kept me warm when I was shivering. Akibara-kun has helped me a lot. So… I’m not pitiful.”

Suikin-san was shivering from the heat, but she said it clearly.

Unlike when she was facing me directly, Suikoto-san’s voice was gentle when she talked about me to others.

As if puzzled, Kaho fell silent, and then, perhaps thinking to change the subject, she said: “I’m sorry.

“Anyway, wipe her wet spot and I’ll get you some fresh underwear. It’s better if I do it as a girl than you do it, right?”

But Suikin-san shook her head.

I’m fine. I’ll have Akibara do that too.

“What the hell?”

“Sasaki-san, you rejected Akihara-kun, didn’t you? That’s how she hurt him… and now she’s still taking advantage of him. But I don’t want you to be involved in our house again. I… I won’t hurt you, Akibara-kun.”

Suikin-san turned her azure eyes straight at Kaho and said so.


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