About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess-Sama, But Because Of Being Too Spoiled, She Ended Up Becoming A Clumsy Useless Person – Chapter 10

Are Your Childhood Friends Coming?

As if she’d made up her mind, she didn’t say “thank you” to me anymore. And “thanks for the food.” and “Thanks for dinner.

What does that mean?

I asked and Suikin replied.

“I’m not good at getting people to be nice to me.”


I probably had a lot of cushion marks on my face when I asked him back.

What’s this goddess got to say about all this?

“I don’t want to owe anyone anything or cause trouble. I’m not good at socializing.”

“The word ‘familiarity’ has a negative connotation, but you can say it in different ways, like helping each other or friendship.”

“It’s the same thing. If someone helps you, you have to feel guilty, if you have someone special, you have to take care of them. It’s a pain in the ass.”

“It might be a pain in the ass, but it might be worth the trouble.”

but she denied it.

“Maybe that’s what you think, Akibara-kun, but I don’t. So you don’t have to bother me anymore, and you don’t have to make me dinner or anything.”

“Uh, yeah.”

I give her a subtle look and she looks away, her face turns red and she says in a small voice.

“Thank you for being so nice to me today. The omu-rice was delicious. But no, that means you don’t have to be nice to me tomorrow.”

The Ice Goddess’s expression had a hint of a smile on her face.

After a pause, Suqin-san says.

“I’ll move out as soon as I find a new place to live. I’ll try not to cause you any trouble.

And Suqin asked me where the bedding was.

I told her that I had a futon that my sister used to use when she lived here and that it was in the closet.

And then he walked into the back room.

I live in a 31st room, which is a 2DK, but there is only a thin shoji wall between the front bedroom and the back bedroom, and you can’t lock the door from either of them.

“I’m sure Akibara-kun would understand without me having to tell you…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t go in there. If you try anything, just kill me.”

I put my hands in the air and did a banzai.

I jokingly made a pose of surrender and non-resistance, but Suikin-san didn’t laugh and just said, “Thank you. and retreated into the back room.

I looked up at the ceiling and sneezed.

I think I’m gonna take a bath.


The next day, on the way home after school, I was biting back a yawn.

I didn’t sleep much last night.

I was so nervous that I couldn’t sleep when I thought someone else was sleeping in the same room.

Especially since the sleeping stranger is the school goddess.

I’m afraid you probably didn’t get a good night’s sleep either.

When I woke up this morning, Suikoto was gone. She’s gone to school.

Well, if we go to school at the same time from the same house, we might run into someone we know and get into trouble.

In the end, we didn’t say a word in class, and we walked home separately.

A strong wind blew through the air as I left the station and walked up the hill to my apartment.

Dead leaves are blown up and fly away with dust and dirt.

It’s cold again today.

I’m shaking.

I told her I’d lend her coat, but she went to school without it. I think she’s going to catch a cold soon.

I was walking aimlessly, thinking about all these things, when I was slapped on the back from behind.

When I turned around in surprise, I saw two girls in sailor-fuku, who looked like sisters, giggling.

“Haruto doesn’t even notice us when we walk right behind him. I’m so embarrassed.”

“Sorry… Aki. I didn’t mean to scare you.

“Haruto.” is my childhood friend Sasaki Kaho.

Her big eyes are shining happily.

The other one who used the nickname “Aki.” was Kaho’s friend Yukino Sakurai.

She’s quite petite, and her hair is semi-long.

She’s a quiet girl with red under-rimmed glasses.

By the way, “Aki-kun.” “Aki.” Aki. Aki.

Yukino is Kaho’s best friend from junior high school, and she helped me make up with Kaho after I was dumped.

Without Yukino’s help, I don’t think I would have been able to get back to the point where I can casually talk to Kaho.

We’ve been friends since middle school. We went to high school together.

“It’s been a while since Kaho and Yuki came home together. What’s wrong?”

I said.

Yuki is Yukino’s nickname, and I’ve been calling her that ever since a little incident.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good time with your family members.

I think he’s thinking something strange.

“Haruto, you bought a new game, you know, the fighting game where all the characters fight?”

I think Kaho is talking about the new video game I bought last week.

Control a character from a famous video game and blow the opponent’s character out of the field with your character to win.

It was a great game to play with a big group of people, and I was going to invite my friends Oki and the others over to my house to play.

My house is very convenient for this kind of thing.

Speaking of which, we have to keep the fact that Suikoto is staying at our house a secret from her classmates.

If they find out, it’ll be a big deal, and who knows what they’ll say.

So you won’t be able to invite your friends over?

I was shocked at the meaninglessness of buying the game, and then Kaho said something ridiculous.

Yuki wants to play that fighting game.


I looked at Yuki and she nodded, her cheeks flushing.

Yuki used to like games.

But I think Yuki said she bought the same game when we talked the other day.

“Yuki wants to play that game with Haruto. There aren’t many girls who play that game, and he doesn’t have anyone to play with.”

“Kaho. Don’t say that…”

“Right, Haruto? Oh, sure, I’ll do it with you!”

Kaho says with a bright, carefree smile.

Yuki on the other hand tugged at the sleeve of Kaho’s sailor suit and gave her a troubled, embarrassed look.

I see.

I see what you’re talking about.

So they want to come over to my house and play games.

Normally, I’d welcome it.

Especially Kaho, who’s hardly come to our house since she failed to confess her feelings to me, but today she’s voluntarily said she’ll come to my room.

It made me very happy to have Kaho at my house again, just like before.

I can’t thank Yuki enough for this.


What happens when you two come to my house.

There’s a good chance we’ll bump into Ms. Suikoto.

These two used to come to my house a lot in the past, but I think they usually stayed there until late.

So, by my rule of thumb, Suikoto will probably be back at my place by the time you two leave.

If you’re lucky, you might already have Suikin-san at home.

That’s not good.

I could feel the sweat pouring off me in the winter.

And he looked me up and down.

“Haruto? Can’t we go play?”


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