A Contract Marriage? No, It’s a Marriage of Employment ~A Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Land of the North – Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Final Chapter

This season, you and I are going to the Royal Evening Party.


Now that Frederick’s memory has returned, we can’t afford to neglect too much.


“I’m a little nervous. Sir.”


Liddell’s cheeks flushed as her husband escorted her through the long corridors of the royal palace. She had never felt such a rush when she arrived.


“Liddy, you don’t have a husband. We promised each other that we would call each other by our nicknames.”


“Yes, we did.”


They looked at each other shyly and smiled.


The audience cringed at the sight of them looking like they were flirting with each other. Everyone was horrified at the sight of Frederick. In Liddell’s eyes, her husband was adorable, but not in the eyes of the others.


But when he is summoned by the royal family, he turns back into the dignified face of the god of war. Liddell thinks that her clumsy husband has become quite skilled.


She looks at Frederick with a warm feeling.




“Liddell. I didn’t recognize him at first because he had changed so much, but it was Gilbert. I used to feel he was well-mannered, but not even that anymore.


I don’t know how he could talk to me after all this time.


“It’s been a while.”


I could have ignored him, but Liddell responds formally.


“I used to do terrible things to you. I’m sorry.”


An apology at this late date is appalling. If he felt that way, he could have done it in a letter at any time.


“No, I don’t mind.”


I wanted to end the conversation early.


“So, are you happy now?”


His friendly tone irks me a little, even though we’re not engaged.


“What do you mean?”


Gilbert says, confused.


“No, I heard that your husband is not well.”


“By what right? My husband is doing very well. You’re just like old times, believing crazy rumors.”


I get angry and give him a sting.


“No, no, Liddell, the woman totally fooled me. I’m awake now. But it doesn’t matter, Liddell, you’ve gotten so beautiful.”




Liddell was confused. What in the world was he trying to tell me?


“Sir, I think you’re being a little rude to the marshal.”


I turned to see Andrea giving Gilbert a stern look. I had never seen such a look on the usually cheerful man.


Gilbert recognized the badge on Andrea’s lapel in his formal attire and hurried away anxiously.


“I’m horrified…”


“I’m appalled…” at Gilbert and at his former self, whom he broke the heart of.


“He’s a real cocksucker. I don’t know what he thinks about the Marquise.”


Andrea-sama, thank you for your help.


No, no, we always like to help you. This little fish, Viscount Tunges, should be replaced by his brother. Now he is a disgrace and has no one to marry.


“Well… I didn’t know that.


He is working now that his family is not behind him. Normally he wouldn’t be able to enter such a distinguished soirée. Maybe he came to you through some channel.”


I’m annoyed by his behavior earlier, but I feel a little sorry for Andrea when I hear his story. He has to fight in his own way.


Andrea then brings Liddell some fruit water. He smiles and changes the subject.


“Okusama, your second wedding was beautiful.”


“Thank you.”


Liddell blushed. After all, he and Frederick were married for the second time on the estate. Who would celebrate a second wedding?


Even when he was known as the Marquess of the Ice, he was very popular and his castle was full of soldiers from all over the country who adored him.


The wedding was more formal than glamorous, but much more pompous and ostentatious than the first.


There was a garden party in the palace gardens, feasting and dancing, and the servants, including Dorothy and Howard, wept with joy.


Then, at Frederick’s insistence, it was unveiled on the estate.


It was embarrassing to ride in a carriage through the capital, but the people were unexpectedly cordial and congratulatory.


The streets were paved, trade flourished, and more and more merchants came to buy jewelry, silverware, and woolen goods. The area began to prosper.


While Liddell chatted with Andrea, a distinguished couple came in.


“Can I talk to you for a minute? I’m Kane, countess of Dolan. This is my wife, Samantha, the Marquise Weller.


Liddell returns the greeting, then smiles and asks, “What’s going on?


Liddell returns the greeting, then with a smile asks, “Yes?”


I hear you have fine woolens and wonderful feathers…”


The fine lady opens her mouth.


“Yes, there are. They are cheaper than in the capital and there is a wide selection. And the hot springs are good after births or illnesses or even for resting. There are inns and well-made roads to the capital, so you will have a comfortable trip. We are looking forward to your visit. We look forward to seeing you.”


Liddell’s words of encouragement bubble out of his mouth. Tony hears it and says approvingly.


“The hot springs are really wonderful. I soak myself several times a day when I go to the Northweller area.”


“Well, Tony-sama is a frequent visitor. Thank you.”


“Yes, because the soups and drinks in the Northweller area are excellent.”


Liddell finds himself in a circle of people talking and laughing. The ornaments Liddell wears, made by Fie, also came up.


“I’m sure it will be circulating around the capital soon, so I hope you can pick one up.”


I thought I would just show up today after a long absence of social contact, but before I knew it, I was even promoting my area.


Why was she so afraid of social life a few years ago? She only saw one side. And her husband.


“Hey, Liddy, looks like you’re having fun.”


When Frederick returned, there was some tension in the room, but overall it was a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere.


We were not uncomfortable dancing with each other, and we enjoyed the evening’s party, dancing again and again until we were exhausted.


Liddell found socializing to be a surprisingly good way to relax. But even in the midst of all the pomp and circumstance, she always had the estate in mind.


The north country is her home.


Later, Liddell and Frederick walked out onto the balcony with a bottle of champagne that had been served at the royal palace. Before their eyes, they see a beautiful garden and a starry sky.


“Speaking of which, why didn’t you send me away when your husband’s relatives were here, even though they showed you the divorce papers?”


“Because you were the first to say, ‘Welcome home.’ You were the first one to say that to me. You’re the only one who said that to me, other than the servants.”


Liddell’s uncles were terrible, but his relatives were pretty good, too.


But I’ll never run into them again.


“I’m really glad you’re safe.”


Liddell smiles and looks sheepishly at the floor.


“When I was wandering around the battlefield after losing my memory, I dreamed of a gentle and beautiful goddess descending from the sky. That was you. So I thought I was in love with you…. Or maybe I actually was.”


Liddell blushed when he heard this. What a romantic.


“Fried, I’m so glad I met you.”


“Liddy, I love you.”


They hugged in happiness as a broom star fell.


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