A Contract Marriage? No, It’s a Marriage of Employment ~A Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Land of the North – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Liddell's Concerns

The next morning Liddell awoke to find a worried Dorothy coming to him.


“Okusama, how are you?”


“Yes, I’m fine. I’m sorry I caused you so much trouble.”


Liddell’s eyes were puffy from crying herself to sleep.


“It’s outrageous to be such a nuisance. I’m sorry we couldn’t protect Okusama.


Dorothy holds out a cold towel to him and Liddell humbly puts it over his eyes. Liddell pressed it meekly to his eyes. The cold was pleasant.


“Thank you, Dorothy.


“Then don’t worry about it. We’ll have enough for a few days.”


The waiter then brought a light breakfast for Liddell.


Liddell ate hot soup, salad, and half a loaf of bread.


Beside him, Dorothy poured a cup of tea with a small brandy. After a sip, Liddell opened his mouth as if determined.


“And where is your husband?”


“He’s taking care of a customer right now.”


“Is it possible my brother Kurt is here?”


Liddell hurries to his feet to clean himself up.


“Okusama, please calm down. Okusama, please calm down. Please trust your husband. He would never do anything to cause Okusama grief.


Dorothy says pleadingly.


“Trust…? I see…”


Certainly there is a bond between him and Liddell now. But they have very different values and personalities. That makes him uncomfortable.


In the end, perhaps because of his mental illness, Liddell is left to rest in his room for the rest of the day. I wonder what happened to his uncles.


At daybreak, there was a knock at the door. When I answered, it was Frederick. His expression was stiffer than usual.


“Sir, I’m really sorry for the trouble I’ve caused you.”


“I told you Liddell wasn’t the one to apologize, it’s just that Kurt wasn’t good enough.”


Have you talked to your brother Kurt?


Yes, I asked him how it happened and we talked about the future.


“I wasn’t allowed to be there, was I?”


Frederick put Liddell on the sofa and sat next to her. Frederick sits her down on the sofa and lays himself down. He gently pulls her by the shoulders.


“Listen quietly, let me draw some conclusions first. He has returned the Barony of Drimore to the family.”




“I think that’s the family that came and stole it from the kid. He didn’t care and he went to study in a neighboring country because he didn’t get along with his parents. He felt very sorry for that. He didn’t know you were being abused, but you would have expected it from those parents. He feels responsible for that. He’s not entirely blameless.”




That’s why he requested that his father’s sentence be commuted.


He is Kurt’s real father, even if he doesn’t agree with him.


What about your aunt and cousin?


They told me I could hang them or do whatever I wanted to them.


What, would your brother do something like that?”


I couldn’t believe it.


“Liddell, they ate up the property while Kurt was studying abroad. It cost him a lot of money to study here in the first place. In the beginning, it was the Drimore family fortune. When he rushed home after receiving your message, even that property was in jeopardy. And it’s still in jeopardy.”


“How did your uncles get here? Were they driven out by your brother?”


“For that matter, he said he locked them up in a secluded house on his property. They weren’t allowed to go to King’s Landing or live a fancy life again. But they had money they didn’t tell Kurt about, money they got from selling the Drimore property…. They came here because they heard rumors that I’d lost my memory and become useless.”




“Well, I guess I didn’t make enough contacts to get the word out. And Liddell doesn’t want to be hanged, does he?




I suppose that’s Liddell’s selfishness. He’s an aristocrat. The commoners did what they wanted in the castle. We can’t have that.


“I’m afraid. If I had been firmer, it wouldn’t have been so bad.”


Frederick shakes his head in denial.


“It’s not your fault. Then I’ll report the damage and turn you over to the constabulary in King’s Landing.”


Liddell’s hands shook, though he had committed a crime and deserved to be punished.


“It’s all right, Liddell, I’ll talk him out of hanging.”


Surprised, she looked up at her husband. He’s fallen from grace, and yet he’s making concessions for Liddell’s sake.


“Thank you, sir… Thank you, sir…”


The swelling in his eyes has gone down, but they are wet with tears again.


“Liddell’s a crybaby today.”


He runs his hand gently through Liddell’s hair.


“Anyway, you need to rest now.”


“No, I can’t be that lenient. I’ve got work to do.


“Just get some rest. You’re working too hard. But can I go out to dinner with you today? I get lonely when I’m alone.”


Frederick smiles gently and hugs Liddell softly.


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