A Contract Marriage? No, It’s a Marriage of Employment ~A Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Land of the North – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Preparation of the Inn. And the Second Winter Comes

Frederick, who was looking for a possible site for an inn, found an abandoned house on the side of the road that was suitable for renovation.


“Liddell, I found a document in the archives that says there used to be a couple of roadside inns in this area.


He is a busy man and often retreats to the archives when he has finished his work. Desperately, he tries to catch up on what he has forgotten.


“Well, I didn’t know that,” he says.


“Maybe there was a time when it was more prosperous than it is now. The war has made it completely obsolete. I’m going to buy it and rebuild it.”


Frederick is motivated.


“Then I’ll help you with something.”


“Liddell, you shouldn’t do that. I heard you suffered from carriage sickness on the way here.”


He had heard it from the servants. he says anxiously.


“Yes, indeed…”


It was hard. The roads are deserted and rickety. If something goes wrong on the way, it becomes troublesome and annoying for everyone.


“If we build an inn, we must also improve the road,” he said.


“It will be a big project…”


I’m looking forward to having an inn.


“Yes, I’m looking forward to it. We should hurry and build a road so you can go there safely, too. First we have to recruit people. We’ll do as much as we can now so we can open the inn next summer. Then we’ll discuss the interior together. And then we’ll discuss the interior together so it’s more accessible to women.”


Liddell was pleased with Frederick’s words.


He then went to work energetically with the lords and ladies who could do the heavy lifting, while Liddell took over the management of the castle.


◇ ◇.


Today my husband returned to the castle for the first time in five days.


Frederick is away a lot these days working on the roads and renovating the inn. For the first time in a long time, they had dinner together.


Soon they had become so accustomed to being together that they felt they missed him.


“Liddell, this time we were further away in the silver mines…”


The silver mining program had been stalled by repeated wars with neighboring countries. Now only the areas near the capital are being mined.


Will you drill for it then?


Liddell, our silverware is made from silver mined in this area.


I didn’t know that.


Liddell, our silverware is made from silver mined in this area. That’s why I’m going to start making silverware again.”


Frederick speaks very vividly. The God of War, as he is called, has run the estate for the last few years between wars. Now he can get to work.


Liddell listens with a smile to his plans for developing his lands.


Before he knew it, he wished that time could go on so peacefully forever.


The two are busy at the same time of the year.


While the two were busy, the season passed quickly and the long winter began.


Fortunately, there was no shortage of firewood this year and the budget was much more generous than last year due to the post-war loot, so we didn’t have too much trouble preparing for the winter.


Even with Frederick’s instructions, I can now share the work that I did alone last year.


Sometimes I just answer Frederick’s questions that I don’t remember, and Howard takes care of the rest. It was in no way a burden on Liddell.


On the contrary, he could even afford to spend his afternoons drinking tea and embroidering with Dorothy as a companion.


Liddell spends the winter at the castle without going to the mansion. And like last year, he enjoys the castle’s large bathhouse.


The castle has a separate bathhouse for the servants. Liddell and Dorothy have improved the facilities as the number of female servants at the castle has increased. This has gone down well with the women.


They were then able to build a small inn at the river baths Liddell had discovered, where people could spend the night before winter. This has increased the number of female visitors, and area residents also come in the winter months, making it a popular choice.


If Liddell had worked alone, it would have taken much longer and he would have eventually hit a wall.


Now that the roads have been improved and an inn has been built, we can expect more tourists. Maybe more people from the capital will come to the hot springs.


Frederick has lost his memory of the past, but strangely enough, that hasn’t stopped him from managing the area. In fact, he is reliable. He is probably suited for it.


His body is much bigger than the norm and he has strong hands, so I guess he is a warrior after all, but seeing him with so much emotion after losing his memory, I almost forget who he was a year ago.


He used to be so creepy and aloof, but now they sometimes play games in the playroom and talk about the future of the estate.


He laughs a lot, listens and doesn’t dislike Liddell. Most of all, he’s friendly. I like to think he is the way he is.


Something must have happened to him to make him so cold as ice.


(What his nature is…? Which one?)


Liddell wishes he had stayed the same, but the lack of memory must be disturbing and unsettling for him.


Liddell decides to put it aside and enjoy the life that could end at any moment.


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