A Contract Marriage? No, It’s a Marriage of Employment ~A Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Land of the North – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: For freshman Danah

That evening Frederick, Andrea and all the relatives, refreshed from the bath, had dinner together.


Liddell always ate alone. Liddell always ate alone. And Sam is gone. I think they really kicked him out. Liddell doesn’t know what happened to him, and he doesn’t want to know, because he remembers Frederick’s sword fight earlier.


He doesn’t even remember the names of his servants, but he still takes care of them. This is a small relief, because the servants here are competent, simple and pleasant people.


Was the former Frederick still a good person if he had such people around him?


Before dinner, Frederick pushed away Hannah, who for some reason wanted to sit next to him, and made Liddell sit down. This hurts the relatives’ eyes. Frederick is already beginning to alienate them, although he does not remember it.


There is a lot of sarcasm at the table. The relatives insist on staying, and the dinners are so crowded that Liddell doesn’t feel like it, but still both Frederick and Andrea are go-getters and eat a lot.


“This butt is excellent…”


Frederick said, as if he had never eaten it before,


“We ate dried meat on the battlefield. Fresh meat is the best.”


Tony breaks into a smile. Between them, O’Neill says.


“How long are you going to keep them?”


and points to Liddell, who is almost kicked out by Frederick.


Suddenly Liddell is taken care of and she feels out of place.


The next morning, Andrea drove to the capital.


Frederick sleeps well and looks refreshed.


“Liddell, come with me to the office.”


Liddell shakes his head languidly.


“O’Neill-sama and Franny-sama will be furious if you give me special treatment. See for yourself first, sir, and then I will answer your questions.”


Liddell refused.


Liddell refused. “Well…”


Liddell refused. “Well…” He looks disappointed. But there was no time to worry about Frederick’s condition.


She went back to her room and began packing her things. Her husband’s memory could come back at any moment. It would be bad if Liddell were staying at the main house at that time. She decided to move into the mansion immediately. He considered the mansion a temporary home and kept his luggage to a minimum, but before he knew it, it had grown so large that it was surprisingly bulky and time-consuming.


Then I heard loud footsteps in the hallway. It sounded like someone was running. I wondered if it was another relative causing a commotion.




Frederick’s voice made you hurriedly open the door.


“Sir, what’s going on?”


“Why, Liddell, why are you leaving?”




Frederick is standing next to a maid who is looking at her anxiously. She must have informed Frederick about Liddell’s packing.


“This is a misunderstanding. We’re just moving into the mansion.”


“What, Liddell, I thought you didn’t come into the bedroom last night because you thought I was tired, but you…”


She looks at me with sad, moist eyes.


“Hey, what are you saying out loud? Just go to your room now.”


Liddell blushed. He asks the maid to make tea and invites Frederick into the room.


“Sir, please listen quietly.”


Liddell then told him about their married life, why they are now living in the castle and why they are going back to the villa.


“Oh no, then our marriage…”


It’s more like an employment contract, if you will.


You mean a white marriage.


That’s what I mean.


Before it was white, it was a full employment contract.


So you’ve already found a girlfriend?


No, I haven’t. No, I’ve been too busy with the real estate business. Go to the office and check your papers carefully.”


Liddell, moving with the emotion of a child, soothed Frederick and pushed him out of the room. It would be a disaster if his relatives raided the office again while he was here.


But he didn’t want to leave the room.


“If you want to check your paperwork, I’ve already done most of the urgent stuff. Besides, I had time to read your letter on my trip here. Now I know the situation in the countries. You rushed to supply people with firewood, brought craftsmen from King’s Landing, maintained the springs, and did other things for the good of the realm. When I read your letter, I was touched that I have a wonderful wife. You also invested your own money when you started your new business.”


“Because if it were to fail, it would mean a loss of tax revenue for the territory.


Liddell says as a matter of course.


“So, Liddell, will you leave me the divorce papers you showed me the other day? I don’t think it’s credible for me to say I don’t remember writing it without memory, but the more I think about it, the more I don’t think I would do such a thing. A quick look around the office shows that I obviously value my domain. How could I ever think of leaving you, who treats it with equal importance? Or is it something you asked me to do because you were disgusted with me?”


“No, nothing like that. But I still think it would be better for me to stay at the villa in case my memory returns.




Liddell shakes it off nonchalantly. Liddell shakes it off nonchalantly. I’m getting used to his treatment, even if I’m a little confused. I can’t be annoyed at every opportunity.


“Well, sir, he was extremely reluctant to be touched…”


“What, never!”


Frederick’s eyes widened in surprise. It was strange that his ice-blue eyes, which looked so cold, seemed to radiate warmth.


“Now that he has his memory back, he must be offended that I live here. And I don’t want to take advantage of him because he doesn’t remember. So please let me go to the mansion.”


“Liddell, I know how you feel.”


I’m glad you understand.


I’m going to seal the mansion in my name.




That way I can prove that you stayed here at my request.


Why would you do that?


I don’t understand.


I asked Frederick to end the blockade because of the spa administration. Finally, Frederick agreed to let me know that Liddell was in the main building.


“Liddell, do you have a knife?”




I handed it to him and he suddenly cut his finger.


“Oh my! Lord! What the hell are you doing?


“I’m going to put a blood seal on it so you’ll be safe.”


No way…


Liddell’s husband’s behavior went from one extreme to the other and she almost lost consciousness. Documents with blood stamps on them are disturbing and creepy. Or is that the military’s way?


“And now this package can go to my room.”


I’m not taking it!


Frederick firmly discouraged him from taking it.


He would change when the will arrived from King’s Landing.


He had said that he and Liddell would have no children and that they would adopt. But he said he would choose from his relatives and I thought he would not like it if the adopted child was Sam.


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