A Contract Marriage? No, It’s a Marriage of Employment ~A Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Land of the North – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Liddel
When Liddell was 12 years old, his parents were killed in a carriage accident. Soon after, his uncle and his family joined the Barony of Dolmore, and Liddell, who had no siblings, was replaced by his father’s brother, his uncle, who took over the Barony of Dolmore.
At the same time, Liddell’s happy childhood was coming to an end.
It was better to have his cousin Kurt around. However, he did not get along well with his father Michael, who spoiled his sister-in-law Yvonne, and his extravagant wife Minerva, who left the family three years ago to study abroad.
Since then, Liddell’s life has changed drastically. Yvonne has taken her old room, and she is forced into the mansion without having made her social debut. Her uncle and his family come to the manor only occasionally and live a life of luxury in a townhouse in the capital.
Liddell has therefore taken over his uncle’s work and does one task or another on the estate.
On the other hand, Liddell has no money and no maid to take care of him, since all the money and staff power is in the hands of his uncle and his wife.
The servants on the estate were almost completely dismissed and Liddell had to take care of everything himself, cleaning and doing the laundry every day, doing the chores on the estate and living a life no different from that of a servant.
Shortly after Kurd left for college, his uncle suggested he get engaged to Gilbert, a childhood friend from a neighboring estate. I have no objection to Liddell; in fact, I am glad it was Gilbert.
Liddell was comforted by her relationship with Gilbert.
Liddell drew much comfort from his relationship with her, and she thought that marriage would free her from the house and from her work. She began to dream of that day.
-It all started three months ago.
Liddell, I’ve decided to stay here in this remote estate for a while. Take care of me.”
Suddenly, Yvonne came out of King’s Landing. It is still early in the social season, which is unusual for the flamboyant Yvonne.
“Sister Yvonne, how long are you staying here?”
This cousin, who was two years older than Liddell, was not as much of a bully as her aunt, but she was selfish and bossy, which was depressing.
“This year it’s only during the social season,” she said.
“Social season just started, right?”
Yvonne looks forward to every social season.
“Shut up. Things have happened and I need to stay here until things cool down. Just make a cup of tea! You’re so inconsiderate.”
She is upset and angry. She must have done something wrong at King’s Landing. I’m sure by now her uncle and his wife, who have a soft spot for their daughter, are covering up her many sins.
When Yvonne returned, Liddell just thought he was in trouble.
But it wasn’t long before the urbane and sophisticated Yvonne and Gilbert, who rarely left King’s Landing to help out at home, fell in love.
Gilbert, whom she considered a simple and honest man, had a child with Yvonne within three months.


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