A Contract Marriage? No, It’s a Marriage of Employment ~A Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Land of the North – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: First Task

The day after he left for the war, Liddell’s quarters were moved to the main apartment so he could take over Frederick’s duties.


When he entered his office, the papers left behind had been meticulously arranged and even a catalog had been prepared for Liddell.


His first task is to prepare the estate for winter, which he is already halfway through. According to his and Howard’s calculations, there is not enough firewood this year.


Frederick has even prepared proper notice and instructions.


“That’s great. Did you prepare that after the war was decided?”


Yes, he has been up all night every day for the past week preparing for Okusama to stay behind.


He speaks with a slight emphasis on “for Okusama.” Howard speaks with a lot of emphasis on “for Okusama.”


Perhaps Howard wants the couple to live a normal and harmonious life together.


Often, with every word he says, I get the impression that he does. But that is entirely up to Frederick. Since they can’t see each other, they can’t even close the distance.


“I understand. Thank God. But we are at war with the neighboring country again…”


Her husband has left for a distant war zone without feeling married.


“Yes, unfortunately, diplomatic problems have arisen. I thought it had stopped two years ago, but it has started again…”


Howard says regretfully.


The country’s second prince is now in charge of diplomacy. I hear he is proud and temperamental. The thought that Frederick, a vassal, was involved in this was dark.


“The master is a strong man, I’m sure he can do it this time.”


Howard says consolingly. Unlike Frederick, he is attentive. I can’t tell you how much it helped me to get into this house. But when he sees the servants lined up in his office, he has a question.


“Are there no female servants in the castle?”


“If you want, I can bring you one of Okusama’s favorites from the mansion…”


Howard replies with a straight face, which I find strange.


“All right, Dorothy, please. I’ll add more maids little by little, is that okay?”


“As you wish, Okusama.”


With that, Howard bows his head.


Misogynist or, as they say, a man-crazy…. But he says he lacks emotion.


Liddell interrupts his thoughts and decides to focus on the task at hand.


Looking through the accounts, he sees that Frederick has his own personal knights and garrison for the war. And then there is the military equipment. A lot of money has been allocated there. The king’s orders are not to go to war. If the war drags on, it will put pressure on the country’s economy. I have never seen a war damage the finances of an area so much.


But now we have to do something.


First of all, the top priority in Frederick’s instructions must be carried out.


“Let’s go to the neighboring Sylnov area and ask for firewood. I’d like to leave the day after tomorrow, if possible.”


“You don’t mean Okusama is coming?”


Howard says in amazement.


“Of course I am. We’re neighbors and we’re going to visit you to say hello.”


“But there are no inns on the way. It’s cold here at night, unlike the capital. I’m sure it will be hard for you.”


She lowers her eyebrows in confusion.


“Don’t worry about it. I’m physically strong, so don’t worry. And could you prepare some woolen cloth, a specialty of ours?”


That’s the only specialty of the Northweller area.


What are you doing with woolen cloth?


You can’t leave me empty-handed, can you?”


Howard and the other servants roll their eyes.


“The master has never done anything like this before, sir.”


“No, I’m not a lord, I’m just an agent and new here, so I thought I’d stop by and say hello to the neighbors. Besides, if you want to do me a favor, you’ll have to bring me something…”


After all, the instructions said that the details were to be left to Liddell’s discretion, so that much is in order.


The first day after the meeting, Liddell was sent to the airport.


Two days later, Liddell leaves for the neighboring area to gather firewood. Things are urgent.


He takes the letter that Frederick has prepared for him and gets on the wagon. Something had to be done before the snow and ice caught up with us.


I promised him that I would protect the area.


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